Control all your HomeKit devices right from your Home Screen with Home Widget for HomeKit app

Home Widget for HomeKit lets you control your entire HomeKit Home directly from highly customizable widgets on iOS 14.5 and above. Available on iPhone, iPad, and Mac Silicon.

Easy : create a panel, add devices, customize the look and feel, add a widget to your home screen and you're done.

It's free ! If you want to access all the features, you can opt for a one-time lifetime purchase or a monthly / annual subscription.

Family Sharing is enabled on all in-app purchases and subscriptions. Pay once to enjoy all the features on all family devices.

All your data (panels, actions, backgrounds, etc.) is synced across your devices using iCloud.

  • Toggle any Homekit device

    Control your home with a single tap directly from your device home screen !

  • Run your scenes

    A change of ambiance with one tap on your homescreen.

  • Execute shortcuts

    If you like to play with iOS shortcuts, you will love launching them from widgets.

  • Dim your lights

    A tap and a swipe is all you'll need !

  • Change light color

    With a familiar interface.

  • Show sensors state

    Keep an eye on your home sensors at all time.

  • Count your active / unreachable devices

    Domotic is full of problem, better be aware of them as soon as they arrive.

  • Instant camera preview

    A tap on your widget and you're ready to watch your surveillance camera feed.

  • Answer your doorbell

    With live bi-directional audio.

  • Create your widgets

    Make multiple widgets and pick between 3 sizes (4 on iPad). Organise your homekit devices as you prefer.

  • Customize

    Use your homescreen background to blend your widget perfectly. Use colors, transparency, blur to obtain the perfect fit.

They wrote About Us

"I am not sure why Apple hasn’t built-in HomeKit access to the iOS home screen, but Home Widget solves the problem for me."

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"Make your house a little smarter with updated Home Widget for HomeKit"

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"The one thing every Apple HomeKit owner should use — and it's free"

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"That's why I'm a little bit in love with Home Widget — it puts smart home accessories right on the iPhone and iPad Home screen."

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"The first easy win in this was smart lights. Over a weekend, I replaced every light that we used across the house with a smart one that would be available to manage over Apple's Home app, or Amazon's Alexa as a way to command the lights in the living room."

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"allows you to add a variety of your HomeKit devices into Widgets and have them quickly accessible from the main screen of your iPhone, without having to open the Home app and scroll to your device, which can be a chore if you have a lot of devices!"

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